Monday, 17 October 2011

In the Navy

Okay, so I spent a few years in the Navy - somewhere between 22 and 24. I  thought it was only 20, but the Chief of Defence Staff seems to think 24, others think 22 - who am I to argue with those who know better?

It was a hell of a good ride, got to see stuff that no one should see, stuff that everyone should be privileged to see and a whole lot of whales. Made it around the world in somewhat more than 80 days, I guess we really haven't gotten any faster than Mr Fogg. I have stepped foot on or shaken hands with someone from every continent on this planet, sailed on every one of the 7 Oceans, and made it around Cape Horn.

Now I am a land lubber - I have hung up my uniform and let my hair grow out a bit. Last night I was reminded of the vast number of stories rattling around between my ears and told that those stories need to be shared.

Fair enough, for better or worse, I will let those stories out.
The good ones
The ugly ones
And those that are just plain silly.

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did writing them

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