Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Safe injection sites and other crimes against society

It is good to know that drug users in Vancouver have a nice safe place to shoot up.
It is nice and warm, clean water and a nurse sitting there to help them if they OD.

How much is that costing you? 
That nurse, why does she sit there when she could be doing something important
like helping your friend survive a car accident? 

Why are we forced to pay for this to happen again and again?
Here in Victoria they hand out free needles to drug users and yet people who are forced to give themselves their own medical injections must pay for their own needles. 
The spread of this pandering to the the lowest common denomination must stop. How long will it be before one of these "people" we have paid to get high comes to your home and attacks you so it can get its next fix?

I have heard the term harm reduction. The money that gets shoved into these people each and every day can be used for something of value - like that lady over there with a small child who no safe place to call home. 

Tell your local public servant where you want your taxes spent. 
It is your money, they are there to serve you

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