Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stories from the Front Seat

At one point in my life that has been, I drove taxi. Some nights this was a less than glamorous job but others had there moments.
Sitting up in the drivers seat gives you a very good view of the world as it really is, here is one such glimpse of the world

It was a dark and stormy night - water from the sky = green for the wallet.
It had been an awsome night, I was looking forward to a well deserved sleep after a $300 night of alcohol fueled generosity.
It was 0330, I was downtown and thought, awwww heck, one more ride and I go home. So I check into dispatch and get sent down to a place called Merlins (it has had 3 new names since then). Anyway I pull up and  two very attractive ladies, with barley there dresses, and one guy pile into the back of my car, guy sandwiched between his two female companions.

"Airport please"

Nice, for an end of the night trip, another $50 going into my pocket. SWEET.

Off we go, meter running at full bore and me happy as a pig in poop. After a few minutes, the two ladies decide to play Madonna and Britney with each other over the guys lap. Gah! Not fair. I have to pay attention to the road and that sort of thing does get to be distracting.
We get close to the half way mark of the trip and buddy asks if I could pull over at the gas station so they can get smokes and water. Not a problem.

I pull into a parking stall, stop the car and the two ladies fling open the back doors, ooze out of the cab and begin to empty their stomacks all over the tarmac. The guy is beside himself with embarassment.
"OMG Sir, I am so sorry about that!!!"
I turn to him and say "look buddy, they are outside my cab emptying their stomacks on the pavement and not in my car, the meter is still ticking away, there is no problem."
This calmed him down some and he went out to help his friends.
10 minutes later we are back on the road again, the ladies deside that they really don't feel like playing kissy face anymore. Hmmm, I wonder why? We get to the destination and they pile out. Buddy gives me $70 to cover his embarrassment and when I went to do my apres shift car clean, I found another $20 in change that had spilled out of thier pockets.

A fine way to end my shift

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