Friday, 21 October 2011

War Games part II

War games are all so much fun.
This particular one was in southern California a couple of years ago.

Once again, the ship I was on was classified as the "bad guy". Is it me or something I said that made this happen again?
Anyway, our task was to go and harrass one of their brand spanking new cruisers - one with all the bells and whistles. The CO knew where it was (more or less) and so he waited for the fall of night and got us to rig upper deck lighting to make us look like a fishing vessel. As it turned out, there as a legitimate fishing boat between us and them - talk about good timeing

So there we were, going south in a nice friendly line. We could see the fishing boats lights and the cruisers lights way off in the darkness. All of a sudden there were three helos in the air and they went and swarmed the fishing boat, thinking it was us. Well that was just sweet, the CO turned the ship around, cranked on 28kts and charged the cruiser. Someone one on the cruiser must have figured out that the "fishing boat" over there wasn't exactly friendly when the CO sent a message to them saying something to the effect
"Three inbound Harpoons (ship to ship missle), have a nice day hoser"

Score another one for the bad guys

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