Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Definition of a hero - Do not forget them

On Friday the 11th, we will stop and remember those who paid the price to allow us to have what we have.

These men and women, they came from farms, from small towns and from cities large and small.
They did not come for glory, nor did they come for a nice shiny medal.
They came to do what needed to be done.

For those who did not come home, remember that they went to help someone else, to do what needed to be done, no matter how awful that job had to be.
For those who did come home, remember that they left a part of themselves where ever it was they were. A part that they will never be able to have again. They saw things that no one should have to see. They did it so someone else would not have to see those things.

On Friday we will gather to remember what was, what happened, and to reflect on what these people have done and the value it has added to our lives.

These people went out and did what needed doing, because of who they are - heroes, each one in their own way.

When you walk down the street remember who they are and what they did so that someone else didn't have to .

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