Wednesday, 16 November 2011

What Does A Man Need?

For all of you who are bombarded with the adds showing what a Real Man is,
and what a Real Man needs, take heart.
There is a simple answer.

A man needs a partner.
A partner he can trust
A partner he can pour his soul out to
A partner who will listen
A partner who will question
A partner who will kick him in the butt when he needs it
A partner who will give him a shoulder to cry on, and who will not think less of him for doing so

Once you have found that partner, you need to work to keep him or her

You have to tell them you love them
You have to trust them
You have to listen to them
You have to question them
You have to be there when they pour their souls to you
You have to kick them in the butt when they need it
You have to give them a shoulder to cry on, and not think less of them for doing so

And that is all a Man needs

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