Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Oil Sands

So, here we are. One province to the east of me is one of the worlds last untapped supply of oil. From some reports, there is as much oil trapped in those sands as there is lying under the sands of Saudi Arabia.

We have as much wealth trapped in those sands as we could possibly want - what to do with it? Do we leave it in the ground because it is so hard and dirty to extract or do we suck it out and power your car?

It really appears that there are many environmentalists out there who will jump up and down screaming
that it is too dirty to use. How many of those people drive cars? Or use plastic products? Or use any food
product that needs to be shipped in from Hawaii, or California, or Mexico....?

As a whole, the human race has evolved to the point where we all demand more and more, bigger and better,
faster and shinier. How do we make it happen? The energy and resources to produce these new items has to come from somewhere or are you willing to forgo that new cell phone?

Before you stand up and say ""THE OIL SANDS ARE AN UGLY MESS AND SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN"", ask yourself what are you willing to forgo?

Something to think on

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