Sunday, 6 May 2012


This morning I went down to the local 7/11 to pick up some butter. Just as I was walking across the parking lot  I heard someone gunning his car into motion. I turned around to have a look see and there he was, in his jacked up pickup truck, gunning the engine for all it was worth. A cloud of smoke blew out the back of the truck, tires squealed as he went from stopped to about 50kph as he was taking a left turn. The truck straightened out in its new lane and the so called "adult" driving it sought fit to rev the engine and roar down the road.

It was 11am. What was this "adult" missing in his life that made him need to make so much noise and smoke? 
Did he not get enough attention from mummy and daddy when he was little? Maybe he was lacking in between his thighs. What ever his problem is, I do wish that he and the myriad of others like him would find somewhere else to be before one of these "adults" lose control of their gas powered toys and kills someone who was unfortunate enough to be out and about.

Rant over 

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