Thursday, 3 May 2012

Stop Steven Harper Day

So someone has come up with the idea of calling Canada Day "Stop Steve Harper Day". On that day, I will go to my local celebration and enjoy the festivities. I will go up to all the protesters and ask each one of them
"Did you vote at the last general election?"
I had a look at the official tallies and for the last general election, about 60% of registered voters got up and made their mark. When you add in those who are not registered and are eligible to be so,  the number is close to 50%, 1 person in 2. That means of everyone of those people who are unhappy, 1/2 of them have absolutely no right to say anything.
When you don't make your way down to vote, you give up your right to complain when things happen that you don't like. If you want the right to complain you have to make the effort to get down and vote.

Getting back to the protesters who will be down at the Canada Day celebrations, everyone of them that I ask and get the answer of NO, I will blissfully ignore.

And before anyone asks, I did vote. And not for Harper

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