Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Declaration

I declare that I am a straight caucasian male and damn proud of it. I am defined by the choices I make, the activities that I choose to engage in, and the people I interact with. I believe in marriage, I think marriage is an important institution - people committing to each other, promising to hold the other close to them, to protect and nurture, to love. I believe that children need parents, one of the horrors of this world is seeing a child wander around with no one looking over them.

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I believe that marriage is the joining of at least two consenting adults. The two operative parts of my belief are consenting and adults. A man and a woman, two men, two women, three or more in any combination of men or women as long as they are all adults that consent to care and nurture each other.

But all gays do is have sex with whoever and whatever they want, with no thoughts or cares. Yes, I sat through and watched the entire Queer as Folk series. Wonderful show, great acting (by the way, Brian, the main stud for the show, he is straight - what an actor), all of those gay folks fucking and screwing and being promiscuous. Terrible to consider these folks marriage material - except for the lesbian couple who had a baby and moved away. Terrible people and the image that is portrayed. Can't have that, they can't possibly be able to commit to a stable, loving relationship.

Let us look at some other very TV worthy people, how about George Takei. No one, but no one could fly the Enterprise or slash an epee like Mr Sulu. Quite the man he is, also he has been in a very stable and loving relationship since 1988, to Mr Brad Altman. I know nothing of either of these two gentlemen other than they have been together for more than 20 years. That sounds pretty stable to me, and I can't imagine waking to the same face every year for 20+ years without an awful lot of love - this I can say from my own experience. George and Brad, two decent people, neither one of them (to my knowledge) has ever been in trouble with the law and the threat they pose to me and my stable, loving relationship is.......

To give equal weight to the other side of the coin, another TV personality, Britney Spears. I am sure that she is a nice person inside even thou some of her public face has been somewhat less than stellar. She has been married twice, both to men, making the "proper" bonds of holy matrimony. I won't really go into the drunken haze of 55 hours that was her first marriage. While the two people I stacked up beside one another really aren't in any way equal, they both have exactly the same impact on my marriage. Zero.

The quality of parenting, that will have to get to in another post

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