Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Child abuse on TLC

It has finally happened. A father has seen that his child is being abused and turned into a little sex object by its mother and is doing something about it. The phenomenon of child beauty pageants is big business down in the lower US states as seen on the program Tots and Tiaras, shown on TLC. On the occasion I have watched this program I have been horrified at what mothers down there are doing to their little girls, little girls who are just barely older than 1 year. What is wrong with these "mothers"? I say mothers because the vast majority of the adults with the kids are women, though their are men involved with this abuse. And this abuse is now entertainment for the masses.

First part of the abuse I am going to address comes in the form of bags and bags of sugar that are being fed to these kids every time they show up at a pageant. The camera pans around and you see children 4 and 5 years old with a Super Big Gulp in their tiny little grasp - a 44 oz cup of water, sugar and a little food colouring. In that cup there is 128g of sugar, dropping 512 empty calories into that childs body. As a fully grown moderately active male, I should be taking in about 2000 calories a day. What is going to happen to that child she develops with her body loaded with sugar? There was one "mother" who spoke directly to the camera and said  "I give her Pixie Sticks to give her that special sparkle". Why don't you just give you kid cocaine and be done with it.

The next really horrible thing that is happening to these children is they are being turned into little sex things. Tight little dresses, dance moves that emulate adult strippers and now even fake boobs, all things designed to entice the judges. Teaching children that they only thing that is important is how good they can wiggle their hips and how perfect they look. And lets look at the judges for a moment. This job must be a paedophiles dream, all of these little girls being paraded in front of them, GOD BLESS AMERICA.

These children are having their childhood stripped from them. Children are supposed to be running and playing with their friends, climbing trees and scraping their knees. They should not be forced, coerced or cajoled into spending hours and hours practising routines, hours getting their nails and hair and face primped and preened, and being stuffed into uncomfortable and sometimes physically painful costumes so that they can be paraded in front of some adults who will judge her of being worthy.

One man has stood up for his child, well done. Now, when will the rest of them follow suit?


  1. Finally! I hope the judge recognizes this pageant crap for the child abuse it really is.

  2. Miracles do happen, fingers crossed