Monday, 20 August 2012

Dude, Where is your car?

How often have you gone to your local store and found the only spot available has this sign in front of it?
"Its just for a minute, I will be right back"
I will not claim to be innocent of such thoughts when I was a little less patient with the world. How much extra effort is it really to park over there? Is it really going to kill you? While I can appreciate being pressed for time really, can you appreciate the person who is in a wheel chair - they are not there by choice. It may not be that the person is confined to a chair, the person in question may be able to walk to the store and that is all they are able to do. What ever the situation is, if you don't need the space for any reason other than being lazy or pressed for time, pull on your big boy/girl panties and leave the spot open.

One day it may be you in the chair

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