Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Give a Little Bit

My trip back to work after lunch was delayed somewhat due to someone not giving a little bit.

Along Tillicum road in the left hand lane was a fire truck 2 cops and a tow truck. All 4 of these vehicles were hovering around a SUV that had rear ended a small van. The van had some buckling across the back and I am sure that the air bags went off. The SUV was wrecked, its hood in the air, its front end smashed in and fluids leaking all over the place.

I have to wonder, what was going through the drivers head?

Mini Van - Oh damn, look how close that SUV, Oh SHIT, HANG ON EVERYONE!

SUV - Oh damn oh damn I am late, what, my phone is ringing, Yes, Hello? OH SHIT!

Was the SUV going a proper speed? Probably not.
Was the SUV not paying proper attention? Probably not.
Would another 20' of separation have been enough to avoid this mess? Probably

I was not there to judge what happened, no one was but the drivers of those vehicles.

One car length more
     the time difference to get to the next light would have been negligible. 

One car length less
     that SUV will not get to where it was going.

Give a little, it might just give you back a lot.

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