Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sunny Day

Here I sit at my desk, looking up at the sky from the window in front of me and I wonder - what does it all mean?
There has been the struggle of "Is there a God" and if there is, "Who speaks for him"
going on for thousands of years and still we are constantly being told by both sides that they are the correct one to believe in.

Atheist - is there really nothing that can't be touched, seen, felt or measured in some aspect? Is there no wonder, nothing to strive to understand?

Non-Atheist - is there really a being above us, watching us, protecting us from the evils of the world? Are we really just a play thing for some great omnipotent being?

Why is it that neither side of the coin is will to see another point of view? When you flip a coin it will come up heads or tails most of the time. Who wins when it ends up on its edge? Do both players lose? Or will they both win?

Somewhere between the side of the Atheist and the Non-Atheist lies the truth of the matter. When we can all see that the coin has landed on its edge, we will all win and the earth will be a much better place to be.

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