Monday, 20 August 2012

The Call to Separate - Again

The perpetual thorn in the side of Canada - the separatists in Quebec. Ever year or so the same thing gets spread to the rest of Canada - WE WANT TO SEPARATE. Every time this crap is raised it gets shot down  by the people of Quebec. It just won't stop until -

1. Canada forcibly deports everyone who waves the separatists flag
2. Canada gives the whiny shits what they want

Option 1 isn't all that workable. Who would take the deportees? Maybe put them on a boat and have them find a country who will take them - maybe they could find France.

Option 2. Give them their own land for them to rule as they see fit. Take a chunk of Quebec, wall it off and say, anyone not want to live in Canada, fine, there you go. Make sure that they have access to the sea and let them do what they want. This gives them the right to have everything in French,  no paying taxes to the rest of Canada - of course that means Canada gives them nothing.

I like Option 2, it gives everyone what they want. The separatists get to run their own lives the way they want. Canada doesn't have to listen to the incessant whining and bitching and general crap that comes out of a small group.

The next time the vote is called, put Option 2 on the ballot and see just how many people choose it. They want to leave? Let them.

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