Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The more it changes, the more it stays the same

This mornings big news comes from Augusta, one of the last great boys only club. It was announced that the Augusta golf club had allowed 2 ladies to join. Imagine that, another boys only club is gone forever, another golf course must allow girls to play as well.

I think my feeling on this have been best expressed by the late George Carlin

"Golf is a arrogant, elitist game engaged in primarily by white, well to do business men who use the game to get together to make deals to carve this country up a little finer amongst themselves." 
With that being said, let us look at who has just been allowed in, Condoleezza Rice and Darla Moore. These are two very wealthy and politically powerful women. I guess things haven't changed all that much. It is still a club to have rich people decide who owns what. 

That is equality for you, now the girls get to slice up their own piece of America.

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