Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Power of YOU

Up here in the Great White North we are having our own political nightmare, in the form of Steven Harper. Some time ago he said something to the effect that he would make Canada unrecognisable to the outside world. Well, he is accomplishing that quite effectively.

At the last Canadian Federal Election, the party he leads managed to get a very strong majority of the seats required in the House of Commons. I will not go into the Robocall scandal or any of the other crap that was done during that election, only to say that close to 60% of the registered voters made it to the polls. Where were the other 40%? Why did you not go out and vote. It is your duty to make your voice heard.

Now Canada is stuck with Harper and what is beginning to look like a dictatorship. He has pushed through the infamous Omnibus Budget, and through his majority, made it impossible for any contrary voices to be heard or acted on. He has made it legal to have torture used and acted on here in Canada. He has pushed through the acquisition of the F35 fighter jets, an aircraft that hasn't even been built yet, as the next great step in keeping Canada strong. This is only a partial list of what has happened and will continue to happen unless he is stopped.

Steven Harper is a public servant, that is all he is. He works for YOU, not the other way around. YOU have the power to fire him, YOU have the power to stop him. He must be stopped before he makes Canada no better than some third world country with a puppet dictator. Stand up and be heard those of you living in Conservative ridings. Demand a recall of the member who speaks for YOU. Make that person accountable for his or her actions and if they do not act in your interest, force a by election. It is your right to do so. Get that person fired and vote in someone who will listen to YOU. There are 166 Conservative ridings in Canada, if only 13 of them change, it will make a difference. Harper will lose the majority and will have to listen to the people he SERVES.

13 ridings, that is all it will take. Everyone stand up and be counted. Steven Harper is our SERVANT, we are the ones who are supposed to be in control. Stand up and take control back from him before he takes the choice away from you.

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