Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Was it worth it

A couple of months ago some little twerp decided it would be really cool to go ripping up the highway on his crotch rocket. What made it even better was that he decided to record it for prosperity sake and then post it to UTube. "See what a man I am? I can dodge through traffic at 300kph"
Yeah, we are all impressed. Impressed that you didn't hurt anyone with your fucked up notion of "macho".

Somewhere in the back of your mind you had to know that someone was going to call the cops on you, it was going to happen. When you looked at the video when you posted it, you saw the land marks, the signs that showed exactly where you were, and how fast you were going. What was going through the empty space between your ears?

Someone put two and two together, found out who was driving the bike and then arrested him. With the proof of the crime so nicely provided to the cops, he decided to plead guilty to being an idiot. Notwithstanding any fines he will have to pay, any hassle of getting his driving licence back, his bike is being sold for auction. At last report the bike had a $4000 bid on it. With someone willing to pay that kind of cash for a used bike you have to wonder what it would cost brand new - maybe $8k?

So, the question remains. Was it worth paying all that money for his 15seconds of fame?

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