Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Where did that spud come from?

Right up front, I am not slamming the quality of the any spud grown anywhere else in the world.

One of the managers at our Save On Foods stores hates to see me walk through the produce isle. Why would anyone not like to see me shopping at their store?
Potatoes. The almighty spud. When I go shopping for potatoes I get incensed when I see bag after bag of potatoes grown in Idaho. I just can't stand it. Once again  I have nothing bad to say about the quality of the spuds grown in Idaho, what I object to is that they are being sold here with no option to buy a locally grown spud. Just to the north of Victoria is a beautiful chunk of farm land, where all kinds of great produce is grown. Carrots and beans and corn and potatoes. I can go further north up Vancouver Island and find more large tracks of land devoted to growing potatoes. I look east and see the Fraser River Delta, another huge track of land devoted to growing potatoes. All of these locally grown potatoes and I do not have the option to buy one.

Why potatoes? Why does that particular thing get my goat? I had to choose one thing to be picky about and potatoes were it because they are grown everywhere and they store well. We grow a lot of potatoes locally so damn it, let me buy one.

Go to your local store and look for yourself. If that vegetable is in season and grown here ask to have it available. Every dollar you spend here, stays here and is spent here again. Every dollar you spend on a spud from Idaho, goes to Idaho and gets used there.

Let your wallet talk for you. If there are no local veggies, find out why and then tell the manager you want to see them. When you do that, and your neighbour, and their neighbour and so on and so on we will keep our farms producing food for us all.

Spuds, a small thing, but damn are they ever tasty with a bit of butter.

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