Tuesday, 11 September 2012

For Shame

So here it is folks, one side Facebook finds offensive, the other is good enough for our children to view. I can appreciate the desire and need to show off what you consider your best features, most people like to be noticed once in a while but really - Why is the left side of this picture so offensive? What is so horrible about what she is doing? Her baby is doing what babies do best, eating, in a way that nature decreed was the way to do it. By the definition warm blooded, hairy and have mammary glands.

For those of you out there who believe that God made us in his own image, this is what He made us and this is how He said we should be feeding our babies.

For those of you who believe in evolution, this is how humans evolved, this is how the natural word operates. Mammals feed their young by having the young suckle on a teat. It works, it has worked for millions of years and it will continue to work as long as there are mammals on the earth.

How many people out there have had a pet that has given birth? AWWW, how cute, the puppies are feeding. UTube videos of nursing mammals abound and who objects to them? No one. Wild life/nature programs on TV show nursing mammals all the time and we all go, hmmm, interesting, and look at how adorable that baby lion, tiger, monkey, deer...... is.

Is it because of the "sexuality" displayed? Really, is there anyone out there who looks at the left and gets all excited? Okay, yes, I know that such people exist, so what. There are people who get the same excitement playing in a mud puddle.

Sex, we have all got to get over it. It happens and so what? I would much rather a child see two people having sex with each other that them see Batman and Bane going at it, or the evening news with Dan Rather.

Not up to community standards FaceBook? If you think that the left side isn't fit to print and the right side is, you need to remove your cranium from your rectal cavity and see what the real world is all about.

For shame Facebook, you have let us all down again.

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