Friday, 7 September 2012

It Sucks to have it written down

Well, I thought that I was finished with Enbridge, at least for the moment. Sometimes it pays to be wrong. At lunch today I heard a clip from the Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project. That link was just part one of the panel, held on Sept 4, in Edmonton. The complete transcripts for the three day panel can be found here. Of what I heard during the clip, there will be some very interesting and entertaining reading to be found here. I hope to be able to get the sound clips together so you can hear them as well.

The truth is out there, we only have to repeat it enough times until everyone understands what we are facing.

My thanks to Kirk Mason at 100.3 The Q for digging this up and putting it on the air.

Cheers and standby for some of the more entertaining points of the panel.

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