Monday, 24 September 2012

Share the space

To begin, I get myself to work Monday to Friday, just like a great many of the people in Victoria. Some days I drive my car. Some days I ride my bike. Some days I walk. Every day I see more and more examples of people who don't have a clue of how to control their vehicle.

Motorist - that red dot in front of you, it means stop. It  doesn't mean slow down and creep into the intersection, it means put your foot on the brake and press until your car stops moving forward. While you are stopping, you will notice a thick white line crossing the lane in front of you. That line is to show you where you are supposed to stop, your entire car is to be behind the line.

Cyclist - You are small, quick and sometimes very hard to see. If you are on the road, act like a car. Give proper and signals. Stop at the Red light, see above re stopping. And above all, pay attention to where you are and where everyone else is. Remember, if you hit a car, it will hurt you. I guarantee that the car will not cry out in pain. Further to that, if you suddenly pull out in front of someone who doesn't know you are there, there is a good chance they will hit you. Even if you are legally in the right, it is going to hurt.
When you are on trails, like the Galloping Goose, there will be people walking there. They have all the rights to be there that you do. Yes, they are moving slower, that is a function of two wheels vs to feet. Give them room, pull over a bit. Give a little warning - ring a bell or call out "passing on left". Do your due diligence so that when you are passing they will  know you are there.

Pedestrians. Two feet, slowest users of the street, side walks and paths. You are also the most vulnerable. If a car or a bike hits you it will hurt, a lot. Be aware of where you are and where other things around you are. The cyclists and cars are out there, look for them. Keep to the right of the path so that cyclists can get around you, keep control of your dog, and for that matter your child. A small form that darts out suddenly may not be seen until after the pain has begun. A stop lights, the things that cars and bikes are supposed to stop for, they apply to you as well.

Our streets and side walks and paths are getting busier everyday and there is room for us all if  we all learn to share the space

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