Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Sick Animals

When we come upon an injured animal, say having a mutilated leg, we will put it down for compassionate reasons. Leaving an animal to suffer in pain is something we generally do not like. Likewise, if an animal is grossly sick with something that makes it violent towards others, like rabies, we will put it down to protect the safety of the community.

Why is it such a bad thing to suggest to do so for a human who is mentally diseased to the point of that person being a sever danger to society? We lock people who have lost their humanity into small cells to keep them separate from the rest of us. "Criminally Insane" they are called, those who rape and kill and torture with no feeling for what they are doing. We lock them up forever and continue to believe that it would be inhumane to kill them, locking them in a small room until they die seems to be far less cruel.

What is cruel? Locking someone away until they die isn't cruel? Making them repeat the same routine over and over and over by people who are being paid as little as can be gotten away with. And what about society? Is it not cruel to have make society pay to house, feed and care for this animal  for the entirety of its life, when those funds could be used elsewhere to help a single mother care for her child, or to keep a community centre open for people.

When a person loses his/her humanity and becomes a sick animal, we need to put it down, it really is the only  humane thing to do

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