Sunday, 9 September 2012

So you don't work

Work is defined as moving a mass through a space. How often have you heard this conversation... "I stay at home to raise my children" "Oh, so you don't work."
How can people say that and not realise just how insulting those words are - you don't work. Just what did your mother do while you were growing up? Sit on the couch eating bon bons and watching a soap opera? I don't know about you, but my mother washed my clothes, did my laundry, cooked my meals, made sure I got to my doctors appointment, taught me my ABCs long before I got to "school", and, and, and.... The mother of my children did the same.

Women of today are being told that they are not to be valued every time the words "oh, so you don't work." More often than not, I hear those words from other women who "work".

Little Johnny and Jane are 2 years old. Mom is told in order to be of value, she has to go to work. What does Mom do with little Johnny and Jane? She sends them to the day care down the street where someone else feeds them, keeps them safe, teaches them their ABC. More often that not, this person at the daycare is a woman. Why is she valued and not the woman who stays at home to raise little Johnny and Jane?

Don't look at the woman who raises her own kids and say she isn't working. Remember, once your mother had you to raise.

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