Wednesday, 12 September 2012

When will Death come for you?

Today I heard of a private company in Ontario (where else in Canada would such stuff come from) where you can go and have them give you a percent chance that you will acquire condition X. Great, now you get to walk home having been told your chance of X is 60%. How is that going to make you feel? What good will come of it, will you change your life, will you even try?

We all have been told that smoking is bad for you, your chance of getting lung cancer increases hugely. You walk into that company in Ontario and they will tell you that your chance of getting lung cancer is 80%. George Burns, a wonderful man, great actor and comedian smoked three or four cigars a day, every day for decades. He had the knowledge available at the time but chose not listen to someone say  "Oh, you are smoking, your chance of getting lung cancer is 80%." Mr Burns lived the way he wanted, did the things he did until he was 100, then he said enough and went to be with Gracy. Would he have been any different? Would we have had to been without his wit and charm because he was afraid to live?

Life is a terminal condition, for everyone. We are born, we live, we will die. Live your life the best you can, eat the best you can, exercise, and above all remember to smile at yourself at least once a day.

All the rest of it, its just numbers and somebody else taking a guess.

When your life timer runs out of sand, Death will pay you a visit to take you where you wish to be. Don't spend your time watching the sand run out.

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