Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Women in "Sports"

Okay, the time for being coy is over. My morning walk to work gives me the opportunity to listen to The Islands Rock, 100.3 - The Q. Really a great way to start the day (Ed and Cliff, take a bow). Anyway, the first post of my day usually comes from listening to Cliffs Call and today is no exception (Cliff take another bow)

Women in "sports". Women make up about 50% of the population and yet they still have to fight to be recognized as being just as capable of doing everything that men do and sports is just one more place they have to fight. I know a dozen ladies who I would not arm wrestle with, or challange to a race, or try to out lift. There are hundreds of lady athletes out there who work out, sweat and toil to be the best that they can be and yet in order for them to be recognized, they have to show some skin - or a lot of it. Cliff was saying he got to watch a lingerie football last night. He mentioned how tough these ladies were, the drive that they had and how athletic they were and yet, the only reason that the majority of the male audience was tuned in was to see some skin. While the appreciation of a well tuned body is natural, to do the work and only be appreciated for the amount of skin you show I find insulting.

Women's volleyball at the Olympics, another fine example of what women are considered to be. Nice tight and very skimpy bikinis, every curve highly defined and with the instant replay and high definition photography, every movement is zoomed in on and presented to the male libido. One of the official broadcasters even made a short video of the most titillating movements of the women and set it to some very cheese music. I watched about 1/4 of it and all I could think of was a 80's soft porn movie. 

Ice dancing, syncro swimming are two other examples that immediately come to mind. Stop looking at the skin and see what these ladies are doing. See that they have to work as hard as their male counterparts to be able to do what they do and remember, it could be your daughter up there being drooled over.

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