Sunday, 21 October 2012

Another blockade running attempt

And it happens again, some activist group makes a big media storm by trying to run the blockade of the Gaza strip. Time and time again people are sticking their noses into places they have no right to be in - do they really think that they are doing something useful, or is it that they are just doing it to make themselves look more important than they really are.

What is happening over there, does anyone really know? Does anyone really care or are they just looking for their 15 minutes in the spot light? There are enough horrible things happening on both sides of the border to say that neither side has the moral high ground.

For sake of argument, here is what I see as having happened.

From the Jewish side of the line. There have been many instances of Jewish settlers moving into areas controlled by the Palestinians, effectively pushing them out. Extremist groups of Jewish folks have been working to have their government take all of the Palestinian lands.

Since the creation of the state of Israel in 1948, there has been a continuous state of unrest in that region of the world. Israel was created by the League of Nations, in an attempt to give the Jewish people a place to call home, where they would not be persecuted for being jewish. The country that was Palestine was divided in 2, half to the Jewish people, half to the Palestinians. Was it the right thing to do? Was the division of land equitable? No one can make that judgement.

Almost immediately after the creation of Israel, the Arab world that surrounded the new country, declared that the jews where to be destroyed.  The jewish state fought back and parts of what was in Palestinian control was now under the control of Israel. There were 7 more wars launched against Isreal by various parts of the Arab world. After each war, Israel grew in size and Palestine shrank.

Since the creation of Israel, there have been numerous attempts by world powers to cause harm or destruction to the jewish homeland and each time, Israel has responded with quick and decisive force. Iran has consistantly called Israel a place of evil and has vowed to wipe it from the earth, by any means possible. Of all the threats that have been lobbied at Israel, this one is the most credible. Iran has and has used weapons of mass destruction - against its own people.

I am not saying that all that Israel has done in response to what has happened in right. As I mentioned earlier, there are things that have happened that do not paint a good picture of Israel. Be that as it may be, Israel is not raining rockets on children going to school, nor is it sending suicide bombers into public places. Israel is not working to destroy an entire nation, nor is it threatening other nations.

Israel is trying to survive, just as every other group of people out there. For all of you activists out there, stop with this trying to get the spotlight crap and keep your noses out of other peoples business - all you are doing is prolonging the problem and making it worse, for both Israel and Palestine.

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