Monday, 8 October 2012

Fired !!

Its official folks, I have been fired from the "cooking the turkey" duty for thanksgiving.
Three years running I have messed up the bird.

Year One. Read the holy book "Joy of Cooking". It says oven to 450. Right, I set the oven to
450 and figure out how long it should sit in the oven. Two hours later my wife looks at me
and asks "Why is the oven at 450?" I open the holy book and read it to her - "set oven to 450
for 30 minutes, then down to 350." Errr, the bird is the constancy of shoe leather.

Year Two. Read the holy book again and set the alarm for 30 minutes. I answered the buzzer
and turned the oven down appropriately. Somehow the turkey was finished cooking about an
hour before supper was to start. Damn.

Year Three. Read the instructions right off the package the turkey came in. 6kg=4 hours.
Good. Prep the bird and into the oven, set the timer and go. Two and a half hours later
my wife asks me if I have been basting the bird. Errr, no. We pull the bird out and it looks
done, we give it the meat probe, Yup, its done. This year 90 minutes early.

Ah well, all is not lost. I won't have to cook it next year <g>

Happy Thanksgiving All

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