Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Why did this happen

Miss Amanda Todd

A young life taken from this place
All over the world people are mourning what happened to her
The classmates who have spoken out saying how strong she was, how great she was, how what a wonderful person she was.....

What happened should never be, not to anyone.
Today I heard of a group of vigilantes on the web who have found a target to paint the blame for this death on. Did this man prey on Amanda? I won't begin to guess or believe what is told of him.

Who to point the finger at...

Those classmates who said all of those wonderful things about her, should we not start looking at them? Amanda had to change schools because of her classmates where doing to her.
To all of those classmates who are wondering what happened, how this could be, take a look in the mirror.

Did the person looking back at you know what was going on?
Did the person looking back at you participate?
Did the person looking back at you do nothing to stop it?
If the person looking back at you says yes to any of the above - stop wondering what happened and who is to blame

Schools don't need another STOP BULLYING policy.
Everyone needs to stop doing it.
Not because someone thinks it is bad
Not because there is some rule against it

Stop doing it because the next time, it could be you on the receiving end

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