Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Karmic Bank Account

There are times when I am very glad that I have a very well stocked Karmic bank account. On the occasion I chose to make a withdraw, it is nice to know there are funds available.

One fine night, not so long ago, I was out doing the taxi thing. Now, I will admit to not enjoying seeing someone else scoop my fare. For some odd reason, it annoys the snot out of me. The night in question, I was down town, waiting for someone to stumble out of a bar and desperately need a ride home. I was cruising along Wharf Street about 2330 when a block ahead of me, someone was waving to flag me down. Sweet. I make my way to this person when, from out of nowhere (okay, he was behind me) a cab from another company went screaming past my left side mirror, cut in front of me and stopped at the curb to pick up the person who flagged me down. Damn,  lost that trip. Oh well, carry on.

Carry on I did. I went past the cab that had just scooped me, and as I did, the driver of that vehicle saluted me with the middle digit of his left hand. Shmee, whatever. I continued to the stop light ahead of me and stopped, only to have the other cabbie pull up to my right side and continue to suggest the excellence of his prowess at driving and that perhaps my time would be better spent by engaging in sexual acts with a four legged creature. Waiting for the light to change, I looked over at the passenger in the back seat of the cab beside me. The gentleman in question was not looking to well, his face had a rather odd green tinge to it and he seemed to be sweating profusely. Perhaps something that this gentleman has ingested did not agree with his stomach.

The gentleman in the back seat of the cab beside me made some very quick plans to expel the contents of his stomach out of the window behind the driver. From what I saw, the plans where executed almost flawlessly. The only part of the plan that did not happen properly was the opening of the window. As a result of that failure, the contents of that gentleman's stomach were splashed onto the plane of glass that separated him from the outside air. Apparently, the gentleman had ingested a rather large amount of multi coloured liquids.

I turned my head forward and decided that the cab driver beside me was going to be too occupied to discuss opening his own Karmic bank account. Several moments later, the light turned green and the good folks at dispatch saw fit to occupy my time and energy elsewhere.

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