Saturday, 22 October 2011

Army vs Navy

Well, here it is. Who has the better job - the grunts or the squids
Looking strickly at it from a living conditions outlook, you tell me

0700 (that means wake up grunts)
Squid, gets out of his rack (that means bed, with clean sheets and pillows) and goes over to the washplace. He goes and has a hot shower, shaves in hot water and then gets dressed and goes for breakfast. At the galley he places his order to the happy smiling face behind the line and waits while his meal is carefully perpared with the freshest of ingrediants. Moments later his hot, properly seasoned meal is artistically arranged on his plate and served to him by a smiling cook. The squid takes his meal and goes to a table and enjoys his breakfast, at a leasurely pace. He enjoys pleasant conversation with his table mates, discussing the latest news and how wonderful the rest of the day will be.
Grunt, gets kicked by his foxhole mate and told to wake the fuck up. He scratches his pits and tries to work out the knots in his back that were caused by the rocks he was sleeping on. Damn, no shower until tomorrow, oh well, the guy beside him stinks too. He sticks his head up and looks around for the breakfast wagon. After an hour if finally shows up and he gets what is left at the bottom of the pan scraped into his mess kit and told that the coffee urn is broken so no coffee this morning.  Grunt then chokes down his "meal" and bitches to his mate about how the "$##%#@ cook must hate them cause we always get this shit".
So folks, there you have it. Who has the better life?

ps, the bit about the squid getting his meal properly seasoned is mostly a lie. In the 20 years I spent in the navy, I have not every had a decently seasoned meal. The meal is always artistically arranged on my plate thou, usually by a grunt <g>

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