Friday, 27 April 2012

Incoming Fire

First and most important rule of combat
Incoming Fires Always has Right Of Way.

There is no appeal
There is no "but I was in the right"
There is no shield

When you are faced with the conflict of what to do when faced with incoming fire, you have
a very simple choice to make. Stand there and let it hit you or take one step to the left and let
it pass beside you.
There is no failure to moving aside and not letting it hit.
A sucking chest wound is not a pleasant sight and,
for those who have experienced such, either physically or emotionally,
it hurts like hell.

While there is always another day when you can go back to fix whatever
the problem was, fixing a problem is always more difficult when you have a
fist sized whole in the middle of your chest.

Take care of yourself


  1. Unless you are a US Marine. Then SOP is to charge straight towards the source. ;)

  2. No one has ever accused the US Marine corp of doing things in the most logical way but damn, give them the means and they get the job done