Saturday, 28 April 2012

Give a Little Bit

"See the man with the lonely eyes
Take his hand, you'll be surprised"

A wonderful song by Supertramp, one that gives me pause to reflect on the years that have past

In the world of today, it seems that the overriding thought is "More is better" You turn on your TV and are constantly bombarded by adds saying you aren't thin enough, wealthy enough, smart enough, virile enough or even worthy of notice. We get to see the Snookies of the world, the Paris Hilton and enough people look at them as if they are what we need to aspire to become.
When was the last time you went shopping for groceries and thought "Hey, someone took the time to grow this for me. That is a person who should be stroked for their contribution to the world"
The builders who are out there, the healers, the person who ensures that the little old lady gets across the street safely (yes, Boy Scouts are still out there), these are the people we need to look up to. The people who give a little of their selves to help another person. When I say a little, really that is all it takes. Hold a door open for a mother with both here hands full of energetic children. That 30 seconds of yourself you give can make the world of difference for that mother, and what did it cost you?


You don't need to be the biggest, or the fastest, or the shiniest. You do not need to measure up to what is being thrown at you. What you do need is yourself. And when you give a little of yourself, you get back far more than you give.
Try it
Give a little bit
And be surprised

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