Thursday, 17 May 2012

Dentistry - the hard way

Hit the button marked 1988 on your way back machine folks and you will see me, marching around the base - fresh out of basic training and half way through the first course in my military career. 

My class of 10 was comprised of the standard mix of people: the angry young man, the annoying twerp, the quiet guy in the corner, the "I am so good my poop don't stink" dweeb and the person who tries to make everything go just a bit smoother.

Part of the routine of the course was that we were required to march from the school to the galley at lunch. Someone within the group had pissed off the instructor so we were marched the long way around, cutting into our lunch. During the march up to the galley, the annoying twerp decided to pester the angry young man. This turned out to be a very stupid thing.

We finally get up to the galley and get fed. I linger over a second cup of coffee and then head up to my room to have a bit of a lie down. I open the door to find my room just strewn with blood. It turns out that the annoying twerp decided to continue pestering the angry young man. Angry young man snaps and takes kicks the shit out out of the dweeb. He kicked and kicked and kicked again. One particular kick catches the dweeb in the mouth. Dweeb gets hauled off to the hospital, angry young man has a chit chat with the military police and the school chief and the base chief and and and.... We don't see him for the rest of the day. 

I get to clean my room. Nice. My room, his blood, my problem. The dweeb shows up to class a couple hours later with a couple bands of wire around his front teeth. It seems that the boot of angry young man cracked dweebs front teeth.

About 2 weeks later, angry young man goes in front of the Base Commander and gets fined $100 for kicking the dweeb. 2 weeks after that, dweeb gets the steel off of his teeth. We all get to look at his new and improved smile - very improved it turns out. Dweebs front teeth used to stick out and in odd alignment. Now they are straight and in line.

We all decide that angry young man was fined $100 for practising dentistry without a licence

And that is dentistry, the hard way

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