Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Politicians and Their Job

So just what is their job anyway? Every4 years (or sooner up here in Canada) we have another round of federal elections. Everyone hunkers down, spends lots of money, kisses babies, shakes hands and wanders the streets looking like the guy I want to work for me.

Work for me, what does that really mean? How often do you see one of them doing what they promised to when they were trying to get elected? With a few rare exceptions I can't really say I have seen a lot of those promises kept.
Oh, sorry, the money just isn't there - hmmm, unlike the millions of dollars being spent so that our senators don't have to walk outside in the snow.
Oh, sorry, something more important came up - hmmm, like what is more important than balancing the budget?
Oh, sorry, <insert excuse here>

What is there about the term "public servant" that is lost on these people? That is what they are, servants of the public - you and me. The person elected is supposed to answer to you, not the bags of money that are being held out by the corporations, or the 1%.

When you have been lied to, make them accountable for it

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