Monday, 7 May 2012

Woman Abuse in Afghanistan

Today I woke up and thought of another great crime that was being committed, the abuse of women over in Afghanistan.
 How horrible is it to hear of child brides, women not being able to drive, "honour" killings, women being forced to wear specific types of clothing, being denied access to medicine,.....
The list goes on and on. These terrible things happen daily and it is all blamed on the ancient traditions of the people. How convenient to  have such a ready made excuse.
What can be done to stop this from continuing? Well, right now there is a multinational force in Afghanistan, out there, amongst other things, to stop this horror from being perpetuated. At this moment, the main part of the  multinational force is the US. It is good to know how wonderful things are in the developed, civilized world.

Or is it?

How many times do you hear of a women getting raped and then having to suffer through the humiliation of watching the attacker sneer at here while she is put on trial for "asking for it".
And what about Mr Santorum, the guy who wants to run the US (God help us all). Did he not say that any woman who is raped and a child is conceived of that rape, that the woman should carry that "gift from God" to term. What kind of crap is that? Is it any less horrific than what is happening in Afghanistan?

Down in the US, women have to look hard to find access to an abortion, even if it is medically necessary. Then, if they find a way, they have to brave the religious zealots who are sitting in front of those offices. The same people who say life is sacred are the very ones who are shooting Doctors.

"But that is what is written in the Bible!" they call to their defence. Yes, the bible, written thousands of years ago by, Men. Yes, men. And don't throw that "they were spoken to by God to write it" crap. The guys who shot JFK, the pope, John Lennon, they were all "spoken to by God" and we have decided that they were all crazy.

Yes, women are being abused in horrible ways in Afghanistan and many other areas of the world.
Let us not stand up showing how great we are over here until it can be said the same thing doesn't happen here.

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