Saturday, 11 August 2012

And they called it Puppy Love

A really sappy song from long ago, and now I get to experience it first hand, with real puppies even.

Our papillon gave birth to two lovely little girls about a month ago, Abby and Betty. Abby is the larger of the two but I think Betty has it over Abby in cute factor.
They are both seeing, hearing, squeaking, walking and falling over these days, soon it will be time to give them a much bigger living space.
They got their first taste of solid food yesterday, being fed some rice cooked with chicken broth - apparently they thought this was the best thing ever as they dug in.
By the end of the feeding, the two of them had managed to get it everywhere, in a manner befitting any baby. Have a look see here Puppy First Meal

Time to wander away and play with the little darlings some more

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