Sunday, 12 August 2012

Eye for an Eye

Once again we have a walking piece of garbage in our world - what do we do with him?

Back when we were less civilized than we are now, capitol punishment was the call of the day. You murdered someone, you died. End of story. You never did it again. Jump forward to now, most places in North America consider capitol punishment to be cruel and inhumane.
For sake of argument, we have exhibit A. He has just walked out of a shop, gun in hand, blood and GSR (gun shot residue) all over him. There is video evidence he wandered into the shop and killed the guy behind the desk. What to do with him?
Put him in jail for the rest of his life (which means 20 years - good behaviour). What has that done to solve the problem? What has that done to ease the pain felt by the kids who no longer have a father? Oh, it is wrong to kill some people will cry. Put him in jail where he will pay for what he has done. Him pay? Give your head a shake if you feel that. It costs you tax dollars to keep him behind bars. Three meals a day, free health and dental care, TV and whatever other perks they can get.

Cruel to end the life of the life of this animal? How cruel is it to lock him in a small cell for the rest of his life, where he will slowly lose what is left of his humanity? Twenty years later, he is let out of his little cell and left to his own devices. Then what? Get a job? Become a useful member of society? More often than not, his social skills will be reduced to the point he can no longer even attempt to get along with normal society. All he knows is pain, anger and hate. He kills again because he has no hope of anything better. Back into jail for another 20 years of you paying taxes and him in another small cell.

Cruel? Where does the cruelty really lie?

Is it wrong to murder another person? Yes, but if it is a paedophile, a drug dealer, someone who has killed another while drunk, or whatever the violent crime is, I support the idea of taking the cruelty out of the loop.

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