Sunday, 19 August 2012

God, Good Guy or Evil Overlord?

Jesus of Nazareth, Allah, Elah Shemaya, all names for the same belief, the one and true God.
Almighty, all knowing, merciful, the just, peace, love, all attributes of God.

"Allahu Akbar!" the last words spoken by a suicide bomber, just before his load of explosives rip through a crowd of shoppers at the bazaar.

"God told me to," claims Mark Chapman as John Lennon was buried.

"God is on our side, we are the victims" is claimed while rockets fall on school children in Israel.

Where is the love of God when people use his name to maim the innocent? "In God We Trust?" as his head is dunked below the waterline again.

Allah is merciful? What mercy is there in making children hate? In planting bombs in places where the innocent will be slaughtered? 

God must be hate have a headache of massive proportions listening to all the prayers to him. Half of them ask for healing and happiness, the other half for death and destruction. When did God become such an angry person? Is he really all about killing those who he created? 

Do as you will as it hurts no one. Nice, peaceful and it keeps God from being blamed for your actions

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