Sunday, 19 August 2012

Its The Real Thing

A couple of posts ago, I posted a link to the Animated Route Video that Enbridge provided for us to show just how nice and pretty things will be. Well, they have changed the video saying this is "broadly representational, not to scale". Too bad they didn't change the tail end that shows Douglas Channel as a wide open route to the sea.
This is the route video the Enbridge put together. Note at the 40 second mark you can see the "broadly representational, not to scale" wide open Douglas Channel, complete with a little tanker.

This is real, the real lakes the pipe will be crossing beside, the real rivers, the real Douglas Channel. Note the 1:20 mark, that view is looking west, where the big open area that Enbridge put that tanker. Those islands in the background, they are real, and the passages between them are real too, real narrow and real twisted.

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