Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Martian Follies

We have finally made it back to the Red Planet. What a sight we have all had the opportunity to witness. The question is now what?

Many of our science fiction writers have used Mars as a new place for humanity, would you like to live there? Think about it for a moment-

NO gangs
NO homeless people
NO money hassles - what are you going to buy?
NO pollution
NO illegal aliens
NO breathable atmosphere - all right, so it isn't all sunshine and lollipops

Could you get on a space ship to go and be one of the first space pioneers? This would be taking getting away from it all to a whole new level. Of course, once you are there, the opportunities to get back to it all will be exceedingly slim.
You and the first team of 20 build the first habitation structure from the materials sent before your arrival. You would learn how to make do, you would have to because there will be no popping down to the Home Depot to get the missing bit.

5 years later you will walk around the structure you built, showing it to the newbies who arrived on the last shuttle. Walking down the corridor you will point out the first section that was assembled and the first weld you made, still holding strong.

The ticket is held out in front of you, will you take it?

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