Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Really Important People

Gorden Ramsey will stand up and shout and scream and throw little hissy fits for us all in order to produce the best chefs, chefs good enough to serve in his restaurants. Really, is it worth watching him do the same thing time and time again? Every new season it is the same thing, each and every service is the most important of their careers. Everyone is incompetent. Everyone is a Donkey (well, actually he seems to have stopped saying that). I have long since begun to wonder why people subject themselves to his abuse.

Survivor, another shining example of the Best TV can offer. When it first started out it was interesting, the people had to work to survive, it was hard. Now they are given so much it no longer is a struggle, at least the food part isn't. What isn't a struggle any more is the plot. Tribe A will be winning, and winning until, unbeknownst to them, someone from Tribe B has made a deal with someone on A to throw the game into a tail spin of drama. Each and every show someone does something to screw up someone elses  plan and Jeff says the same thing - Its a whole new game.  After 20 seasons, haven't we had enough?

How many reality shows are out there now, 10? 20? More? How many people do you know that think this stuff is real? The British started this a long time ago with a very simple show, 1900 House. No one there was trying to stab each other, it was something to watch and learn from. What the hell happened? Do we really need to see the same crap with more and more skin showing over and over again? Sooki, and the Kardashians, Jersy Shore, The Real House Wives of (insert your city here).

The really scary thing is, how many people will recognize Sooki, but look at someone who has accomplished something real, say Terry Fox, and go Who is that? People regard Sooki as someone important, how real is that?

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