Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What To Do

I try not to worry about being Good or Bad, I am more concerned with Right and Wrong. Good vs Evil are labels that are given by people in power and are subject to change on their whim. Right and Wrong tends to be a whole lot easier to define and not so subject to change.

As a disclaimer, I believe in God, I believe we are all Gods children, I believe God loves us all. I do not believe that Christianity is the true path, nor is Islam, or Judaism, or any other of the worlds major religions

Most normal people would consider it an evil thing to send people out to rape and pillage but  the Holy Roman Church has done so several times during its existence. Does God think what was done as being Bad? How could it be bad if he sanctioned it? Was it justified because the Saracens took over Jerusalem? What about the Saracens? They were Gods children as well. How can one group be bad and the other not?

Right and Wrong. As I mentioned earlier, these two labels are much easier to define.
Just as most normal people would consider it wrong to kick someone when they are down, people would consider rescuing someone from a burning house the right thing to do. How often do you see on the news the interview from the cop/fireman/person on the street saying that it was the right thing to do when being asked about pulling an injured person to safety?

Pulling out a gun and shooting someone, is it a bad thing to do? You are walking down the street with a loaded gun in your pocket. In front of you is another person walking down the street. You pull out your gun and shoot the other person, killing them. Was it a bad thing to kill that person?
Same two people, walking down the same street. You look ahead of the person in front of you and see a group of children walking toward you and then you see the person in front of you pull out a gun, obviously preparing to fire into those children. Are you bad to pull out your gun and shoot the guy in front of you before he starts killing those children? Or is it the right thing to do?

Before we can start to make our collective lives better, we all have to start asking this one simple question

Is this the right thing to do?

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