Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Oh My God, did this really happen?

Apparently it has.
Republican Governor Jan Brewer has signed into Arizona state law that Pregnancy begins 2 weeks prior to conception. Now, I can understand that a state whose politics are dictated by the Christian Church (so much for separation of church and state) could come up with this. I can understand a Republican coming up with this, more and more it appears that Republicans have a very tenuous grip on reality. What I can't understand is that it appears that a woman has signed this garbage. A woman, the very same chromosomal identity of the very people this law targets.

Yes, targets. This law has painted a big red target on every woman in the state of Arizona. The now official date of pregnancy is calculated as the first day of your last menstrual period. That equates to every woman becoming pregnant and then aborting that pregnancy about 12 times a year. Jan Brewer has turned every menstruating woman into something that should be producing a baby each and every time it has a menstrual cycle because as the holy church dictates, abortion is evil.

Well done Jan Brewer, our trip to the dark ages is one step closer to being complete


  1. I totally share your outrage and disgust and understand you were writing with passion but just be careful. I think you meant "a Christian church" rather than "the Christian Church". These people cannot get their sh!t together to have one, single unified religion and lumping them all together is dangerous. :)

  2. Right you are Ted. There are many different church groups that subscribe to the Christian belief who are not of the extremist "YOU WILL OBEY AND LET US MAKE YOUR DECISIONS FOR YOU" flavour. To those out there who fit into this group, I apologize for lumping you together with those who seek to control every aspect of your life