Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Sharing - Thank you Bill Bennet

Ah, to be able to park it in a chair, on a beach, with a cool drink. This is what it is all about, the ability to once in a while just to relax. Just ask  MLA Jagrup Brar. He went down to Cuba for a vacation. Good on you Mr Brar, I am glad you were able to put your feet up for a bit. While you were down there, you had a look around and saw some things that were working for the people of Cuba. That is what being a tourist is all about, going out to see somewhere else and learn a little about where you went. 

Mr Brah then showed his true colours. He came back and told others some of the things he had witnessed, sharing his experience with others. For shame, sharing good things with your friends, family and community. But why is this such a bad thing? I seem to recall that in kindergarten I was taught it was good to share, sharing is a good thing, heck, that is what we are all about here in Canada. We all share a bit to make life a bit easier for us all.

Apparently the sharing that Mr Brar did has exposed his true evil self. Mr Brar is a communist, and worse yet, so is the entire NDP party here in British Columbia. What an amazing deduction, I never knew that sharing your experiences with others made you a communist. I am truly thankful that I have Bill Bennet to protect me from the evil sharing of Mr Brar. I will know in the future to see the great communist threat behind anyone who is going to share bit of knowledge with me.

Remember, to share is to be a communist. Thank you Bill Bennet for sharing that information with me. Oh, wait a minute, now Bill Bennet is sharing. OH GOD! He must be a communist as well, him and his entire Liberal Party of BC. Who can I turn to for the truth? Who will protect me from the evils of sharing?

Anyone with a thought they wish to share?

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  1. The thoughts I have on the subject are to impolite for mixed company. Suffice it to say, Mr Bennet is an ass.