Friday, 17 August 2012

THE NHL, Can we afford it?

Short Clip of the Stanley Cup Riot, 2010

This is the legacy left behind from the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs. Down town Vancouver torn apart, fires, looting and so on and so on.
Every year the same sort of thing happens in two cities - one because they won, one because they lost. Some cities manage things a whole lot better than were in Vancouver that year but still, how much does it cost all of us, even those who don't care about hockey.

I am sick of having to pay for extra police, extra security all because some people don't know how to behave as adults. Take another look at that video, recognize anyone it in? Those people have cost YOU millions of dollars.

This behaviour will continue every year until we stand up and make these miscreants pay for the damage they did. Round them all up and make each and everyone of them spend a week cleaning garbage from the street. And let them wear a bright orange vest so everyone will know exactly why they are there.

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