Friday, 17 August 2012

Those who rate no pity

The spin doctors of the world. The people who do their best to make us see something that really isn't there. How many times have you encountered one and thought "how do you live with yourself? Have you no shame?" What is it about some people who can come up with these deceptions day after day?

I just encountered one such person today. Up here in British Columbia, we are dealing with Enbridge wanting to build a pipeline through our province. The pipeline will end at Kitimat and really that is where the problem for me begins. From Kitimat the sludge from that pipe will be shipped to China. Now, I really am not to worried about who is buying the sludge, what is bothering me is Douglas Channel. Douglas Channel the route the oil tankers will take to get to China. Enbridge put an animated video together showing part a very sanitized version of the route. The picture below shows one section of the video. On the left is a part of the the video. On the right is what really exists

There is a  huge movement here, trying to get the rest of BC to see what is really happening. I wrote to Enbridge about this picture. I cc'd that email to the Premier and two different news outlets. I received a reply from them today. The spin doctor the replied said that some environmentalists are trying to smear our good name.  The video you were referring to was meant to be an illustration only. Illustration? Illustration of what?
What did this person give up to be able to spin the lies and deceptions of Enbridge? How can the person who wrote me blame the environmentalists for the what Enbridge put on the website.

I would pity this person, but I can't. There is nothing there to pity.

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