Tuesday, 25 September 2012


And that is where it all began - the great Radio Frequency maelstrom that we swim through from the moment  we are conceived.

A long time ago when it was Ogg and Ugg living in a cave, the RF situation was pretty simple - the sun was the major producer, and most of what the sun produced was screened out by the earth's atmosphere. All Ogg and Ugg had to deal with was visible light and the occasional sunburn (sun screen hadn't been invented yet).

Time past and as it did, we became more and more aware of what was out there until the fateful day when Mr Marconi sent the first radio message across the Atlantic Ocean. Then things started to go crazy. Radio was born. Soon radio stations sprung up, giving news, entertainment and the occasional notice that your clothes would be much cleaner using TIDE. It wasn't long before every large city had 3 or more radio stations blasting the atmosphere with more RF radiation. Mankind quickly realized that the radio waves emit in all directions from the antenna so they had to moderate who could broadcast and at what frequency.

More time past and it was found that more and more data could be transmitted by radio waves and that this RF radiation had some very practical war time applications - radar was born, skip this forward 70 years and every ship and aircraft has at least one radar transmitter on board. More RF is being fed into the world we walk through.

Mankind looked to the stars and thought, "hmmmm, whats out there?" So we went out and looked. Now we have little radio stations orbiting the earth, broadcasting their messages 24/7 to over 90% of the earth's surface. The RF is now up to a storm. Every day, everyone, everywhere is being hit with more and more frequencies of RF radiation.

And then, we have the cell phone. The most invasive of communication technology we have invented so far. How many cell phones do you have? 1? 2? More? I know there are 4 active ones in my house and at least twice that inactive. Each one of these a little RF generator, a little microwave transmitter that people tuck right up to their skull.

Wires computer networks, cell phones, satellite TV, radar, speed traps....... The list goes on and on. Everyone today lives and moves through a maelstrom of RF radiation. It is getting so prevalent that in order to escape it you need to build a special cage. It is bad now, what will it be like 10 years from now?

Some times I think that Ogg and Ugg had it a bit better than we do - except we have sunscreen

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