Monday, 24 September 2012


"B.C. Premier Christy Clark has dismissed her chief of staff, Ken Boessenkool, following an undisclosed incident, she announced Monday.
Clark said she learned of the incident about two weeks ago and made a decision to replace Boessenkool immediately after an investigation was completed."
<<taken from CBC website>>

Our premier is not having a good time of it. First she inherited the BC Liberal party from the likes of Gordon Campbell, that right there puts her well behind the eight ball. Then by being the premier of BC, she has to deal with the Enbridge crap. It did not help her by going back and forth saying "No", and then "Well maybe if the safety can be improved". Her party is a very distant second to the NDP, if there was an election today she would probably be unemployed tomorrow. Now she has to go and fire her number one man. Damn, sometimes it sucks being the one in charge when you have to give the impression you are playing by the rules.

While we are not ever going to be privy to what the transgression was, it is nice to know that even those in power occasionally get their pee pee slapped.

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