Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bill M-312

It appears that the Minister of  Status of Women Minister, Rona Ambrose, doesn't fully appreciate what she is supposed to be doing, or that she may have forgotten that she is a woman. Why else would she have proposed a bill that would effectively put the rights of every woman in Canada into the hands of a male dominated committee.

What is it with some people who want to open old wounds, or create new ones to play in. Is it not hard enough getting the respect you deserve without throwing this at every women in Canada.

The decision to have an abortion has got to be one of the hardest things any woman has got to go through, for what ever reason. The decision to do so or not must lie with her, not with some faceless committee in Ottawa, or Washington, or Rome. The woman must be able to access unbiased information, not whatever some special interest group deems proper to ram down her throat.

Mr Harper, the Minister of Status of Women is your responsibility. You voted against the bill, was it because you feel it was the right thing to do or were you using one of your colleagues to further your own agenda? What are you going to do about the problem that you created?

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